The Puzzel of Hard Work

The Puzzel of Hard Work

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Isn’t strange. It’s like some people have the gift of being able to work hard where as others have to learn it or force themselves through much pain and suffering in order to achieve the same level of output. It puzzels me sometimes to think of ways in which this can be changed and if it is something you are born into, who knows.

I have been struggling and puzzled with this idea. With a newly started small business, I have been finding it extremely difficult to put the work hours in needed to grow and be a success.

I watch so many around me in a similar position. Flying ahead like they are on the front of a boat with the breeze blowing beautifully into their face. It can’t be something you are born into though, but perhaps you can learn and train yourself into doing.

Finding the right motivation to back you in the troubling and difficult times when work and other tasks are required. Regardless, however, it still puzzels me as to the perfect answer or solution to this. If only there were a magic button you could press when it came to the going gets tough.

Breakdownnnnn. eh

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Whats recently got me puzzeld?

When I am driving to the city. The same route I drive everyday, not a problem in the world, everything is running smoothly, the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, the radio is playing and the traffic is so so.

However on this day, just exactly the same as any other dayw ith nothing changing or any circumstances being different, on my little journey to the city my car decides to die and well breakdown. For what reason?? Nothing has changed, nothing is different, the car hasnt be touched…nothing.

Yet here am I on the side of the road questioning as to why it is I am here, what has caused my car to all of a sudden do this and  what is it that has caused it. It is all so puzzeling, not only with the event itself but also with teh source of the problem (I know my way around car sa little, and could not distinguish anything).

Well after my rant and questioning was over the smart move for me was to call a towing company, fortunately there was one not far from my location and so they looked after me. (A great towing company I must admit:

Off we went to the mechanics for them to put the pieces together and solve the puzzel, which of course they did and of course I would not have been able to do myself.

So here I am on the next day driving back down to the city (not whilst writing this). The car is back on its feet (wheels) and the routine is back in place, for now anyway.


Whats puzzeling you?

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With so much always happening. Thing

Things occurring that you didn’t want to or were expecting to occur. New ways of thinking or being, or the old things you could just never solve.

There are always so many puzzeling and uncertain things in  this world. So whats puzzeling you, what has come out of the blue and how can you fix it?