How to Re-upholster a chair

How to Re-upholster a chair

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Here’s a recent puzzle I had to solve – figuring out how to reupholster a chair.


It’s one of those things I’ve never really given much thought to before. I suppose it just never occurred to me that I could reupholster a chair, instead of getting a replacement. As with any new endeavour, I picked up a few new things along the way.


The first step is to remove the current upholstery. Up until that point, I had no idea that they used tacks and staples to fix these things to the frame of the chair. If you see any welting or tack strips, keep them handy because you’re going to be using those to measure the new pieces.


You’ll want to take notes or pictures as you disassemble. Trust me; it’ll help you figure out what goes where once you have to put the thing back together.


At this point, I will reiterate the obvious: don’t rip the fabric!


You’ll want to take a moment to clear out any stains. Repair the springs and webbing on the inside. Sand, prime, or paint if that’s your thing.


Once the chair is dry, or you’re ready to go, cut a piece of batting. Use that to cover the back. Cut another piece for the seat. Use staples to hold them in place.


Now, you’ll want to place the original upholstery pieces on the wrong side up. Watch for grain and patterns, and keep in mind the direction these patterns go. Pin everything into place and cut around the patterns, while keeping an excess of about three inches of fabric.


Now, move the markings for direction and placement on the new pieces. This will help you place them properly on the frame. Be sure to keep the fabric taut and in place as you work!


Don’t be afraid to use a lot of staples to make sure things are smooth and secure.


Use older pieces to determine the width and length of the final welting. You’ll need that to go around the seat apron at the top and bottom. If you’re like me, you’ll want a few extra inches to be safe.


You can start pinning strips and welting now. Be sure to mark the places where they need to go, and that everything is a snug fit. The tack strips I told you to save earlier are going to come into play now since you’ll be using them as a reference for length.


Some fabric glue came in handy for me at this point, but you might not need it. Depends on your chair, I would say.


Finally, cut a piece of black fabric for the underside of the chair. Use the old pieces as a guide again. Flip it upside down, staple the fabric to conceal any springs. Turn the chair right side up, and enjoy!


Now, I’ll admit that it is a lot of work reupholstering a chair. If you’ve got a lot of chairs, you might not want to do this yourself. The whole thing took me hours, partly because it’s a lot of work and partly because I wasn’t entirely sure I knew what I was doing.


Good thing there are folks like that can handle this thing for you.


If you’re just not very handy or don’t like dealing with staples, a professional job is a good idea. You won’t want to ruin a perfectly good chair, right?

Smart and Funny Signs

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Enjoying a walk in and around the metro should be normal for a person like me. Although I have a day job, I always find time for myself and I usually spend it by walking around in areas I have never been before.

While a lot of people have cautioned me because it’s really dangerous, I take time to plan out my route to ensure I stay safe at all costs.

But you may ask, why go over all the trouble?

Well, because I like to look at signs. There are a lot of signs we see in the city but we often overlook them. Oftentimes, these signs turn out to be very smart! Just take these signs for example.

You might be wondering, where am I going with this?

Well, I am a big fan of puzzles but I am yet to see a puzzle made into a sign. That would definitely be glorious! Just imagine how hard but fun it would be to decipher the puzzle to know what the sign is saying. Click here if you want to know more about signs and other nice designs!

What’s Puzzling You Right Now?

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A lot of things puzzle me. From simple everyday maladies to conspiracies all over the world. But to tickle your brains, here are some “puzzling” places around the globe that can be a great way for you to waste a few minutes of your day.




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Whats puzzeling me lately is digestion, and whilst that may sound funny, I am puzzeled.

Why am I puzzeled? Because I am suffering from problems with my digestion that i really struggle to explain and put down a reasoning to.
I am a young fit male, who eats clean, exercises, doesn’t snack and look after my mental health as well.

Yet here I will be struggling to eat or struggling to have my food go down, whilst I watch people around me shove their face with cheap food and do not move their butts EVER…. how does that work? I am puzzeled



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Whats puzzeling you?

Can I take your Photo

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The other thing that has been puzzeling me is people’s view on having their photos taken.

Photos these days always need to be perfect, have the perfect amount of makeup, the perfect lighting, the right clothes and the right angle.

We can get so caught up in the opinions of others that we cant even simply just take a photo anymore and be ok with it. It has to be perfect.
Sure there are times when people stray from perfection, however it is normally when they are intentionally ‘pulling a face’, when they were caught out in a photo or are using a device where the photo cannot be changed (click here for an example)

It is a shame, for it will only continue to get worse, until the point where people don’t represent themselves or they simply forget about taking photos.


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Acne has been puzzeling me lately.

I have suffered with acne for quite a while now and no matter what I do, I cant seem to have it go away. This is a slight problem for me, i am not one who is big on letting the thoughts of others impact me, but why put up with face spots when they dont need to be there.

I have tried tablets, I have tried proactive, I have tried another solution based wash, I have tired face washes and so many things and all of these products fall short of my goasl.

I have tried picking them and not picking them. Leaving the, and not leaving them.

Exercise and no exercise, clean eating and unhealthy eating. I have really tried a lot of things and yet here i am still with acne and it puzzels me.

However just like a jigsaw puzzle there are a number of pieces that obviously need to be in place and I will continue to work at them until I figure out what it is that I need.

The Puzzel of Hard Work

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Isn’t strange. It’s like some people have the gift of being able to work hard where as others have to learn it or force themselves through much pain and suffering in order to achieve the same level of output. It puzzels me sometimes to think of ways in which this can be changed and if it is something you are born into, who knows.

I have been struggling and puzzled with this idea. With a newly started small business, I have been finding it extremely difficult to put the work hours in needed to grow and be a success.

I watch so many around me in a similar position. Flying ahead like they are on the front of a boat with the breeze blowing beautifully into their face. It can’t be something you are born into though, but perhaps you can learn and train yourself into doing.

Finding the right motivation to back you in the troubling and difficult times when work and other tasks are required. Regardless, however, it still puzzels me as to the perfect answer or solution to this. If only there were a magic button you could press when it came to the going gets tough.

Breakdownnnnn. eh

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Whats recently got me puzzeld?

When I am driving to the city. The same route I drive everyday, not a problem in the world, everything is running smoothly, the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, the radio is playing and the traffic is so so.

However on this day, just exactly the same as any other dayw ith nothing changing or any circumstances being different, on my little journey to the city my car decides to die and well breakdown. For what reason?? Nothing has changed, nothing is different, the car hasnt be touched…nothing.

Yet here am I on the side of the road questioning as to why it is I am here, what has caused my car to all of a sudden do this and  what is it that has caused it. It is all so puzzeling, not only with the event itself but also with teh source of the problem (I know my way around car sa little, and could not distinguish anything).

Well after my rant and questioning was over the smart move for me was to call a towing company, fortunately there was one not far from my location and so they looked after me. (A great towing company I must admit:

Off we went to the mechanics for them to put the pieces together and solve the puzzel, which of course they did and of course I would not have been able to do myself.

So here I am on the next day driving back down to the city (not whilst writing this). The car is back on its feet (wheels) and the routine is back in place, for now anyway.


Whats puzzeling you?

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With so much always happening. Thing

Things occurring that you didn’t want to or were expecting to occur. New ways of thinking or being, or the old things you could just never solve.

There are always so many puzzeling and uncertain things in  this world. So whats puzzeling you, what has come out of the blue and how can you fix it?